Would you date a transgender

would you date a transgender

Marriotheblack guy and Tijuana Jack talk about if we would ever date a Transgender female. IG. If she was beautiful, feminine, nice and everything about her was perfect but she was just born in the wrong body. Would you date her and. I'm asking this question because it came up at work in regards to the woman who was sent to a man's prison. Would you date a transgender.

Would you date a transgender - talk and

Im straight and cis as my sexual orientation. It was a very well done transition like, people had to measure relative finger length, which as far as I know is the only way to tell because ukchat adam's apple can be trimmed. Well it was like we always shared everything and we had fun nights where we would have sleep overs and play video games like super smash bros and everything was really close! I find passing, feminine strap on hollow dildos women very attractive, and wouldn't want to just fetishize her and treat a woman like a prop in my sexual fantasy.


Are You GAY If You Date A Trans Person?!- FTM Life would you date a transgender

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